Q. What is CUECROWD?

CUECROWD is a group. Who has always helped the needy people and today is still progressive. Today, many students are faced with difficulties because of not getting jobs and the most important thing is not to get in the right time, foot guidance and job information is the biggest problem.

So, to overcome this problem, CUECROWD has taken a new step. You will get news of all types of government jobs from this website first so that you get the right time to identify the right job and do it in your hand.

Thank You


Q. Why is a government job better than a private job?

Here are some reasons.

Guaranteed Monthly Salary

Lifelong Pension

Less Workload

Enjoy All Holidays

Government Quarters

Free Medical Facility

Free Allowances (TA/DA)

More Money From Under the Table

Getting Marriage Proposal Easily

Greater Social Acceptability

Q. What does A,B,C and D grade means in government job in India?

Government employees are broadly divided into four categories. Grade A,B,C, and D.

Grades are officers who are selected through the UPSC examination or promoted from below.

Some Grade B officers are also directly selected by the UPSC but are older and promoted from the Group C category. They have powers to act independently according to their limits specified by the rules and regulations of the government. They have powerful powers that set boundaries.

The Group C staff is divided into clerical and executive. The clerical staff performs office work, while executive staff such as inspectors of food or customs or excise do field duty. Many are either directly elected by the SSC or promoted from the lower cadre.

There are peons and sepoys of Group D but these posts are being phased out.

It is basic structure and every government employee essentially has to fall into one category.

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